“Information is the most important commodity of the 21st Century.”

Michael Shane

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Michael Shane, has been hailed as a “visionary entrepreneur” by the Wall Street Journal, Business Week and Time Magazine. Since the age of 18, he has started 5 successful companies and brands, with a unique ability to identify and capitalize on under served niches in the marketplace. He was named one of the 15 pioneers who changed the landscape of the computer industry, by Computer Reseller News. He is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs explode their horizons by harnessing the universal laws of success. These books will turn your mind to unlimited opportunity and show you how to use the world’s most valuable resource……….Information.

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How about FREE? Michael Shane is a visionary author that is sharing a simple formula – The Information Equation – that explains how to turn the information that is all around you to solutions you need to change your world, for FREE!…

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